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Syrodesy is a Dayton, Ohio-based trio of forward-thinking flutists who are intentional about fostering community, providing interactive, innovative performances, and embracing unconventional artistry. With a love for all compositional eras, Syrodesy’s founding flutists Gretchen Germann, Jodi Boeddeker, and Sarah Robertson perform unique and compelling pieces that draw audiences to the edges of their seats and leave them wanting more! Beatboxing? Extended techniques? Performances that feature the entire flute family, from piccolo to contrabass? Syrodesy does it all. Both on stage and in the studio, Syrodesy members are committed to music education and dedicate much of their work to equipping and educating young flutists through private lessons, workshops, and masterclasses. Syrodesy maintains an active performing schedule across southern Ohio and is available for booking!

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